Cattle & Calves

Colostrum Gold

Nettex Colostrum Gold, the new colostrum supplement/replacer designed to maximise a calf’s start in life and your farm’s performance.  


  • Sourced from high quality TB free Scottish herds.
  • High in colostral fat, the best source of energy for calves.
  • Contains naturally occurring hormones, growth factors, enzymes and other nutrients, nothing taken away.
  • Provides essential energy and health support to benefit calf survival, health, growth, and long term performance.
  • Reconstituted on farm, delivers colostrum to the calf as mother nature intended.
  • Easy to store, mix and use.
  • Watch our YouTube video featuring Tommy the Vet to find out more about the unique process behind Colostrum Gold.


This product is only available in selected stores to find a local stockist please contact us