Cattle & Calves

Nutri-Scour 5 in 1

A dietetic complementary feed for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion

  • The result of scours in calves is inevitably dehydration
  •  The consequences of dehydration include reduced feed intake, a weakened immune system and in severe cases death
  • With its 5 in 1 formula incorporating natural fibre from psyllium husks to absorb water and electrolytes to restore fluid and salt balance in the small intestine, Nutri-Scour 5 in 1 helps support gut health
  • Feeding Nutri-Scour at the first sign of scours will rehydrate and help restore gut health

Contains: Vitamins and trace elements
Size available: 1 x 1kg (10 calf feeds) (Code 7021) | 1 x 2.5kg (25 calf feeds) (Code 7022)
Application: 100g per 2 litres of water, twice daily

Features Advantages Benefits
Natural fibre from psyllium husks Helps increase the bulk of stools Helps slow the passage of water through the intestine
Sodium, potassium, chloride elcetrolytes Aids water absorption from the gut and the replacement of salts Helps support effective rehydration
Pre & pro biotic Supports healthly gut re-colonisation Helps support a quick return to healthy status
Alkalising agent Helps reverse acidosis Helps support a quick return to healthy status
Energy Facilitates sodium and therefore water absorption from the gut Helps support effective rehydration