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Got a product idea? So how do you turn it into reality?
Net-Tex have extensive manufacturing facilities which incorporates a research and development division which is solely dedicated in converting your ideas into products. Our experienced sales team will be on hand to guide you all the way through the process from the beginning to the finished product.

Do you need a product range formulated?
Net-Tex have the expertise and equipment to manufacture products in creams, pastes, industrial and nutritional powders and liquids, specialist lubricants, waxes, gels and aerosols. You may already have an existing range or are looking to expand or modify current products. In addition we have screen printing and labelling machinery to enable you to market your own brand.

Do you require full research and development?
There are very few products in the world today that our research and development team are unable to formulate. Many of our customers contact us because of our reputation for developing innovative products for niche markets.

Do you have an existing range that requires updating?
In an ever changing world we are constantly being asked by our customers to improve their products to stay one step ahead of their competitors. At a time when legislation is constantly changing and products need a more modern approach our research and development team are on hand to cater for your requirements.

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