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Successful Lambing starts at tupping

Lambing might seem a long way off, but key steps running up to and during tupping can lead to a less stressful and more productive spring. A healthy lambing percentage sets the profitability for the season so optimising management now and as the rams go in is the crucial foundation for a successful year.

Flushing ewes is commonly practiced to improve ovulation rates, but the benefit is only seen if the ewe is in a suitable body condition score (BCS) to benefit from the rising plane of nutrition. Optimal BCS will depend on the breed and farm situation but if it’s below 2 or over 4 then it will be unlikely to have any effect. Seeing as it can take 2 months on good grass to raise BCS by 1, early planning and action is key.

Equally important at this time is to ensure trace element and vitamin levels are correct. For example, selenium deficiency can result in increases embryo loss. Nettex Sheep Conditioning Drench is formulated for use in ewes to ensure they are in the best condition possible at this time of year.

It’s important not to forget the rams, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium, all contained in Nettex Sheep Conditioning Drench, are important for improving sperm production and survival.

Practical management at tupping also has a beneficial impact on both the profitability and practicalities at lambing. Effective and reliable marking lets you know which ewes have been tupped, by which ram and when! Barren ewes can be identified which saves winter feed costs, and ewes can be grouped by expected due dates. Tight grouping at lambing time can save labour and stress which leads to improved lamb survival at lower costs. Using a range of colour crayons, changed regularly also allows spotting of rams that are perhaps underperforming.

To maximise the benefits of marking you need a good well-fitting harness and a range of clear colours. You also need to be confident that the crayons will stay in pace and last for a required time. 



Sure Sired Marker Crayons from Nettex are trusted to deliver reliable results. Available in 2 formulations (Cold and all weather) means you can choose the most suitable for where and when you need them. Their long-life formulation allows more ewes to be marked per block, and like all Nettex identification markers, are approved by British Wool


A good crayon is only as good as the harness, and Sure Sired Ram Harnesses have a unique crayon holder design ensuring firm & secure retention. Made in Britain by Nettex they are high quality to deliver strength and comfort without sharp edges that could cut or chafe. Fitting is important so check out our fitting video to ensure your rams can continue performing without the harness getting in the way


So, time spent preparing for tupping, together with effective and tight management as the rams go in yields benefits right through to next year’s lamb sales