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Calf Colostrum Double Strength

The Nettex range of British sourced Calf Colostrum providing a solution for every farm.

All three colostrums are made from natural, full fat colostrum sourced exclusively from TB & EBL free UK herds meaning it is highly complementary to UK farm environments.

The raw colostrum is frozen at source and then dried using a unique process preserving all of the components of natural colostrum. This produces a unique, high quality colostrum product high in protein, colostral fat and growth factors as well as being tested for both safety and efficacy.

NEW Nettex Double Strength (previously known as Whole Colostrum for Calves) is a concentrated high protein, UK full fat colostrum supplement to give calves a strong start.

If you have concerns that all calves are not receiving sufficient good quality maternal colostrum in the first 2 hours of life, regular use of a concentrated supplement such as Nettex Double Strength, can support calf performance.

  • Contains added minerals, vitamins and protein.
  • It is convenient and available to use.
  • Ideal for herds where calf development is key.
  • New packaging - up to 85% less plastic, less to dispose of on farm!
  • UK full fat colostrum.
  • EBL & TB Free.

Contains: Concentrated bovine colostrum, whey protein powder, coconut oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, egg protein, vitamins and minerals.

Sizes available: 6 x 200g sachets sold in a box of 6 or individually (Code 8415)