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Marksman Ram Crayons

Marksman Ram Crayons are compatible with Nettex harnesses as well as others that utilise either a  Click in and Out or Cotter Pin system.

They are Formulated for and tested on UK farms and leave vibrant marks allowing ram activity to be monitored.

Each Crayon should last approximately two weeks but this can be affected by ram prolificacy ad temperatures

Available as All Weather or Cold formulations and in 6 colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Black

Colours and types available, packs of 10:

All weather:
 (Code 0078) | Blue (Code 0079) | Green (Code 0080) | Orange (Code 0081) | Yellow (Code 0082) | Black (Code 0083)

Cold weather:
 (Code 0084) | Blue (Code 0085) | Green (Code 0086) | Orange (Code 0087) | Yellow (Code 0088) | Black (Code 0089)